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Product Return Policy

We stand behind the quality of S-CARE LIFE PVT LTD product

S-CARE LIFE PVT LTD stands behind the quality of it is products and guarantees your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the products, you may return it within fifteen (15) days of purchase for a refund as per the terms of the Returns Policy.

The refund policy is applicable only for products in marketable condition, accompanied with an invoice. This policy does not apply to products that have been intentionally damaged or misused. It is incumbent upon S-CARE LIFE PVT LTD Independent Distributor’s to follow the Customer Product Refund Policy in letter and spirit.

S-CARE LIFE PVT LTD Returns Policy for INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR: INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR or Preferred Customers may return the products within thirty (30) days of purchase as follows:

Condition Time Period Invoice Payment
Marketable Within thirty (30) days of purchase Yes DP-less delivery charges Rs.100.00
Within thirty (30) days of purchase No DP-less GST less delivery charges Rs.100
Excess Within thirty (30) days of purchase Yes DP-less GST and 10% handling charges
Stock*** Within thirty (30) days of purchase . No DP-less GST and 10% handling charges
VAT (Value Added Tax)
*Marketable refers to products that are unopened, unused and sealed.
***Excess stock refers to products greater than or equal to six in number .


  • The Independent Distributor must return the product(s) to S-CARE LIFE PVT LTD Pickup Centers.
  • Period of return for products calculated as the number of days from the Invoice Date to the time of receipt at the S-CARE LIFE PVT LTD Office.
  • Points adjustment of Products returned up till 25th of each month shall be processed in the same month. Total Points of the returned products deducted from the returning INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR's account.
  • The Product Return Policy does not apply to open packs of literature and videos or other sales aids.
  • Total returns cannot exceed the quantity appearing on the Invoice.
  • If products are returned by customers directly to S-CARE LIFE PVT LTD , Points adjustment made from the INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR's account & any excess amount paid shall be recoverable from INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR.
  • In the case of return of product/s is accepted by S-CARE LIFE PVT LTD The refund amount applicable as per company return policy is only made in the name of beneficiary returning product/s mentioned in the Invoice only.
  • Refund of payment to be made through Online Transfer to the recipient account directly. No cash payment will be made as reimbursement under any circumstances.